Wellington Event Photography with Andy Barker

Explore the synergised offerings of The Picture Booth and Andy Barker Photography, tailored to uplift your Wellington events. From customised photo booths to professional photography, our integrated services capture every special moment. Learn more about our unique features and enjoy bundled discounts.

The Ultimate Event Experience with The Picture Booth and Andy Barker Photography

When two creative forces like The Picture Booth and Andy Barker Photography collaborate, you know your Wellington event is in for something extraordinary.

Why Choose Our Integrated Services?

Dual Expertise: Blend the interactive delight of The Picture Booth with Andy Barker’s artful photography for an event that’s both lively and beautifully captured.

Lasting Memories: From Andy Barker’s expertise in immortalizing every applause and smile, to The Picture Booth’s fun photostrips, your event becomes a well-preserved memory.

Multi-Media Options: Our combined photography, HD and 4K videography, and live streaming services mean comprehensive coverage of your event.

Customization at Its Best: We offer personalized backdrops and instant photo sharing via SpotMyPhotos, enhancing both corporate and personal events.

Efficient Service: Benefit from flexible packages, a 72-hour photo delivery window, online galleries, and multi-day discounts.

Spotlight on SpotMyPhotos

Revolutionize how your guests share and experience photographs at your event with SpotMyPhotos. Integrated into our service, this feature:

Enables Instant Sharing: Guests can immediately share professional-quality images from the event.

Facilitates Engagement: This interactive feature not only enhances user engagement but also makes sharing across social media platforms a breeze.

Boosts Brand Exposure: Custom branding options ensure your company’s logo and messaging are front and centre when images are shared.

Bundle and Save

Opt for our integrated services to enjoy a special bundled discount. Make the most of The Picture Booth’s interactive features along with Andy Barker’s artistic photography.

Choose from our three awesome booths, each with its unique features. Bundle this with event photography services by Andy Barker.

One Hour


Two Hours


Three Hours


Half Day (4 Hours)


Full Day (8 Hours)


Packages and Add-Ons

Backdrop Rental: $150

SpotMyPhotos: Instant onsite sharing – $150

Custom Branding on SpotMyPhotos: $400

Custom Backdrop: $500

Green Screen with AI Background: $300

24-Hour Gallery Rush: $250

Multi-Day Discounts of 10%

Additional travel costs apply for venues outside Wellington.

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